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2017 Winter Indoor League Rosters and Schedule

Posted on Thursday, November 9th, 2017 at 9:11 pm by Keith (Last updated on Sunday, January 14th, 2018 at 7:06 pm)
This season will be slightly different than those in the past:

1. This is a shorter season - 6 games - Every team will play eachother once and we will have an open play night for the Monday after Thanksgiving. 

2. Games will be two 25min halves with a 5min half-time

3. Game times will be 6:45 - 7:45 - 8:45

4. We have very few dedicated goalies so many players will get some goalie experience! 

TEAM LOPEZ                  TEAM COTO               TEAM THOMAS 
Jose Lopez Frank Coto Keith Thomas
Patrick Unemori Kiernan Peter Fang
Jervis Lawas Michael Halvorson Santiago Esparza
David Cisneros Clayton Lepak Stephen Geller
Djamel Adja Joey Avi Chris Martens
Heath Schechinger Reilly Gill Javier Herrera
Logan Stefano Mundo Arsiaga Burns Jones
Derek Chowning Greg O'neall Bill Rider
Michael Prankinhoff Patrick McCarthy Cameron Massoudi      
Danielle Thoe Matthew Olson Jessica Evans
Edgar Hermez Harmin Fuentes Angie Keough



Brian Cox Drew Jack Ahmed Zaeem
Andrew Blevins Axel Flores Colin Fyfe
Daniel Post Joel Ewing Noreen Buckley
Andres Moret Urdampileta     Emanuel Yekutiel Patrick Johnston
Tony Tully Shiqi Yang Robert Sampera
Nate Cormier Ryo Ishida Bobby Dunn
Carlo Cubeddu Chris Statzula Steve Hart
Charles Wollin Kevin Towle Matthew Shambroom
Nick Alvarez Scott Zaloom Adel Berrachdi
Sven Gebele Chris Powell Nikko-Ryann Santillian
Chris Oudavanh


Monday 11-13-17
6:45 - Team Lopez vs Team Coto
7:45 - Team Jack vs Team Thomas
8:45 - Team Cox vs Team Zaeem

Monday 11-20-17
6:45 - Team Zaeem vs Team Lopez
7:45 - Team Coto vs Team Jack
8:45 - Team Thomas vs Team Cox

Monday 11-27-17  - Open Play Night - Post Thanksgiving 

Monday 12-4-17
6:45 - Team Cox vs Team Coto
7:45 - Team Zaeem vs Team Thomas
8:45 - Team Jack vs Team Lopez

Monday 12-11-17
6:45 - Team Thomas vs Team Lopez
7:45 - Team Coto vs Zaeem
8:45 - Team Jack vs Cox

Monday 12-18-17
6:45 - Team Jack vs Team Zaeem
7:45 - Team Cox vs Team Lopez
8:45 - Team Thomas vs Team Coto