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Board Minutes (February 2014)

Posted on Friday, February 28th, 2014 at 7:32 pm by Michael (Last updated on Saturday, November 8th, 2014 at 9:12 pm)
Hi all,

Below are the board minutes for our February 2014 meeting. I should have sent out a week or two ago, so I apologize for the delay. 

Board members present:
J. Lopez
J. Cartwright
C Wollin
T. Moscoso
T. Allen
M. Levy
D. Melton

Board members not present
J. Nava
F. Cruz

Approval of January Minutes

  • Minutes from January 2014 meeting approved

Budget discussion

  • Balance of $6,400 in checking account and $3,000 in PayPal
  • League will send reminder to indoor members to pay dues
  • $1800 received from Castro Street Fair

SF Pride Community Planner

  • Need to prepare report for SF Pride; due  in March
  • Dan will help craft; Charles Wollin will assist

Gay Games

  • ML will email team about who has signed up for Gay Games  
  • ML will work with Tony Tully/Patrick Johnston regarding booking of rooms in either Cleveland or Akron
  • Charles will ask Ed Center if he wants to coach

Walgreen’s Display

  • Walgreen’s nonprofit window scheduled for February 23 (Trey organizing)
  • Dan will help collaborate
  • Collecting paraphernalia for the  display

Indoor League

  • Will check on availability of the facility for a third season ($2100 per two-month season)
  • Survey (from Joseph) to determine how many people will play an additional season and $20 payment for additional league

Team 1, 2, 3 Tryouts

  • Team 1 invited tryout at Kimball weekend of 2/15
  • Team 2 and 3 will have tryouts on February 23 from 3-5pm at Kimball Playground
  • Beginning/recreational experience planned (Tony Tully has expressed interest in assisting)

Club Dues/Fees

  • Some players have played in the indoor league but have not yet paid
  • Traditionally, people were not allowed to tryout until they paid dues; individuals weren’t allowed to play on a team unless dues were paid; team 1 players required to pay before March 2
  • Need to discuss reminder and incentives to get players to pay dues (Jose will send reminders to captains)
  • Discussed possibility of pay per season and membership cards

Team 1 Fees

  • Paid two installments of $1500 ($1300 left)
  • Motion passed to charge each team 1 player $175 ($150 team fees + $25 CSAN insurance per player)

Uniform/equipment update

  • All missing uniforms are accounted for
  • Team 3 jerseys are with Charles
  • Discussion to replace pop-up goals
  • 30 usable balls (8 unused and others are in good shape)
  • 8 balls will to Walgreen’s display
  • Joseph will investigate costs for replacement of shorts/socks

Mission Fields

  • Dan will call/email Scott and get dates

Indoor Tournament

  • Attempting to move indoor tournament to March 9 (M. Shambroom)

Next board meeting: March 12 @7pm at Michael Levy’s place. (E-mail me for address.)


Secretary of Delaying the minutes being sent out